Bob L. - Satori

Satori maiden flights. Wasn't the best day for trim flights with the wind blowing around 10 mph, but I just had to fly it.

The first launch off the high start, without flaps got me about 10 minutes in iffy air, never getting over about 100 ft. WOW this thing really hangs. The second flight (with flaps)I ended up way down wind, not very high, then I thought to myself, oh oh, I'm going to land out, but it came back in the wind for a landing. The L/D is amazing on this thing.

Cg at 102-103 is right-on I don't think I will change it. I need to work on the aileron differential, and or rudder mix, but its close.

The only problem I was having was landing. THIS PLANE REALLY SLOWS DOWN. I'm not used to that. The RL and to a lesser degree the Supra do not land that slow. Gee, I think I'll get use to that.

BTW I might have set a new building record. Started at 1:00pm, completed at 8:00pm, with breaks. Super easy build. Can't wait to get out for the next flying session.


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