Royale 4m

EGIDA 2TQuite simply a JOY to fly!

4 Meters of Heven! Don Peters of Maple Leaf Design has outdone himself with this design, an evolution from the earlier ICON and ICON 2 sailplanes, the ROYALE is truly a do it all model. This is currently the Skip Miller Models #1 pick and for good reason! Wonderful landing control, 4 Meter advantage, impressive ranging abilities, and a wing that will out hang the competition, rain or shine! USA Manufactured and Designed ensures a plane you will be proud of both in the air and on the ground.

Skip Miller has flown the model during the USA F3J Tour and flew the model to an impressive 2nd place finish just 5/10th of a point from 1st. Skip attributes the wide flight envelope of the Royale to the excellent showing as proved by the variety of conditions the ROYALE succeeded in. Heavy winds to dead air, the ROYALE was rock solid never once faltering even on the strongest of tows. The ROYALE has won us over, will it win you over as well? WE THINK YES!

Give the ROYALE a shot! You will not regret you did.

  • Span - 4 meters; 158" Wing area
  • 1400 sq. in. Aspect ratio
  • 17.83 Weight
  • 56-72 ounces Wing loading
  • 5.9 to 7.4 oz/sq. ft. Planform and airfoils
  • Mark Drela Construction
  • High modulus and ultra high modulus carbon. Molded wing spar.

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