Kris Van Nostran from the IRKS

From the FSS #5 in Ocala, FL: "One of the more interesting events on the day was Kris Van Nostran from the IRKS flying his new Skip Miller Espadita 2M against the rest of us in UNL competition. Kris flew this beautiful ship in the last 3 rounds and achieved his max each time as well as landing it beautifully to post some great closing scores. This is definitely one 2M thoroughbred and many a pilot eyed Kris’s ship with more than a little envy." Kris N. and his new Espadita 2m

J. Lipkowitz and his Satori

J. Lipkowitz and his Satori, "The Satori is the best, it has a bit of magic that I have not found in any other sail plane."

John B. - Starlight 3000

Thanks Skip and all at SkipMillerModels for the Starlight 3000. Just missed winning a local club event by 3 points in the first outing.

Winner of the Starlight 3000 raffle, Southwest Classic 2010

Bob L. - Satori

Satori maiden flights. Wasn't the best day for trim flights with the wind blowing around 10 mph, but I just had to fly it.

The first launch off the high start, without flaps got me about 10 minutes in iffy air, never getting over about 100 ft. WOW this thing really hangs. The second flight (with flaps)I ended up way down wind, not very high, then I thought to myself, oh oh, I'm going to land out, but it came back in the wind for a landing. The L/D is amazing on this thing.

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Kris - Espadita

The color Ferrai Red does true justice to the flying characteristics.The wide range of speed, the ability to zip from one thermal to another, the excellent zoom ability and the ease of landing make this glider a truely awsome performer. I only hope I can do the Espadita justice.  The people who saw it fly were extremely impressed and I had 3 offers to buy it on the spot. Thank you, Kris

Skip Barber Racng - RTF

After much stress and searching for the "perfect" site, I finally decided to maiden my new bird from Skip Miller Models on my birthday and it was amazing. My flying wouldn't have impressed anybody, but the model sure impressed me. I jumped head first into sailplanes with the purchase of a RTF model and the guys from Skip Miller Models were incredible. Thanks for getting me hooked up with the radio programming, Thank Skip to calming my nerves and for some much needed advise and Matthew for making it all happen. This is the first of many sailplanes for me and I'll be coming back to see you guys on all future purchases, but first, more flying time. Skip Barber Racing

Kurt Rosner - Radian RTF Park Flyer

As an r/c slope glider (and sometime flat-land) flying enthusiast, the long doldrums of little wind and few thermals last summer had me ready to consider going back to power flying. Then I heard about the Parkzone RADIAN available from

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