Kappa 35

Kappa 3TWe are pleased to introduce the latest in F5J & ALES technology! The KAPPA 3.5m Full House, Fully Molded, Competition Electric Sailplane. This plane has an almost unbelievable appearance, it its strikingly BEAUTIFUL with nothing but the highest quality fit and finish. Suburb handling, extremely light weight, and a very high level of completion right out of the box makes this plane a winner on the highest level.


The wing is made of a blend of glass cloth and rohacell which have been sandwich together to supply not only a strong wing, but a wing that is lighter than you could even imagine. The spar is 100% carbon as well as the d-box supplying superior torsional rigidity while still maintaining a clean airfoil that blends seamlessly into the glass trailing edge. It consists of 3 parts, left ear, right ear and the central part of the wing. All servo slots (2x Flap, 2x Aileron) have been pre-cut during manufacturing and pre-cut servo covers are included. All push rods are pre-intalled with clevis.

The tail has similar construction consisting of a solid rohacell core sandwiched by a glass fabric and carbon reinforcements, both strong and light.

The fuselage is optically divided along a horizontal plane , the top and bottom of the fuselage are different colors which is achieved with the use of a very light coat of paint using an airbrush. These features help to achieved the minimum weight and maximum strength. The fuselage comes with a 2 servo tray already installed for rudder and elevator .

The KAPPA is a Winner! Be the first to show your soaring club what QUALITY is really all about!

Lightweight Setup:

  • Motor: Neu 707 with P29 (6.7:1) Gearbox
  • ESC: Castle Edge 50A - 75A
  • Battery: Hyperion 3s 1300mah LiPo
  • Servos (6): Airtronics 809
  • Spinner: 38mm/5mm shaft
  • Prop: 16"x10 -17"x10 folding prop

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